Welcome Pet Lovers! We're Excited You Are Here

Aloha, Welcome to Pets in Paradise where everything is designed to bring your pet into paradise. PIP was
established in 2009 by Debbie Cray who spent 10 years as a Veterinarian Technician and then moved into the Corporate grooming field. Here she learned how the big box stores made decisions solely based on corporate financials rather what was best for each pet. Well that has changed! When you enter PIP your pet becomes the most important part of our day. Unlike other salons who mostly hire inexperienced bathers to wash and dry your loving pet and/or put them in cages to dry while they work on other dogs, PIP groomers care for your pet from start to finish! This means the initial assessment between you, your pet and your groomer to the fresh de chlorinated bath with 100 percent natural products to a complete blow dry, never a cage dryer. Then the final groom in our front grooming area all while loving, talking and making your pet as relaxed as possible. Not to mention the tropical music vibe, 100 percent essential oils for the ultimate experience. Thank you for visiting Mahalo Debbie Cray

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Nail Trimmings

Nails can be cut or dremeled for a nice smooth finish. Walk in any time to keep your pets nails in Flip Flop condition!

Bath and Brush

Our Florida package includes the bath, 100 percent hand blow dry,brush out, ear cleaning and bandana. Also great in between grooms to keep your pet smelling fresh and knot free.


All groomings start with a fresh non chlorinated bath as well as 100 percent hand dry done by your groomer(never a bather assistant or cage dryer). Then to our main grooming area where your groomer will groom your pet to tropical music, essential oils and the most relaxing vibes to keep your pet calm and relaxed while grooming to your liking!

The Extras

Pets in Paradise believe in giving every dog our very best for less. From tooth brushing to reduce build up, coat and skin lotion to blueberry facials, to Gluten free shampoo,breath fresh and an upgraded bandana!

Puppies Deserve to be in Paradise

Keep your puppy smelling fresh and knot free using the Pets in Paradise Bath Special Program! Includes Bath, blow dry and brush out within three weeks of their groom!