Welcome to Pets In Paradise Salon and Supplies in Hamilton Twp NJ. We are a full service grooming salon that prides ourselves on “grooming with a personal touch”. We understand that your pet is an important part of the family, and we promise to make them feel safe and comfortable while in our care. Our number one priority is the health and well being of your pet. TLC is always Free!

Each dog will be bathed using high quality Espree products made from the finest ingredients and contain no fillers, thickeners, harsh chemicals or detergents. They revitalize, soothe, moisturize and condition the skin as well as the coat without leaving a residue. Espree products are environmentally friendly, biodegradable and cruelty free. You will never find any of those so called commercial bathing systems here, which were designed so corporate grooming can save time, product and money while bathing your loving pet.

When possible we offer a cage free environment with each pet relaxing in their own private tiki hut complete with fresh purified air, aroma scents and calming sounds for the ultimate relaxation. A true Paradise for pets!

About Debbie Cray

Hi my name is Deborah Cray. I grew up here in Hamilton Township and this is where my love for animals started. I have been involved in many types of animal care. My veterinary experience came from working under the well known Dr. William J. Carter of Mercerville Animal Hospital for approximately 10 years. I have always know working with animals is what I was meant to do. I happily, but sadly had to leave Dr. Carter to start a family.

Pet grooming has always been an interest of mine I use to practice bathing and grooming my own family pets for years. This truly became my love and I decided to pursue a career in pet grooming.

After my children started school my opportunity came when I started at Pet Smart as a bather. Through my time as a bather I started to build many owner request due to the personal care I had for there animals. Finally I was chosen to attend Pet Smarts groomer training program. Once I became trained and certified I was on my way. Things went great I was trained and learned from many veteran groomers, their knowledge was second to none. As my client list grew I knew Pet Smart was not for me.

Being involved in corporate America grooming where the basis of the whole operation is all about money surely did not fit in to my heart. Most dogs do not enjoy being brought into an environment with the noise level of 5 dryers blowing, being put into a metal cage, and basically being a required weekly number to make plan. I know as a pet owner and lover myself I would have a hard time leaving my pet in that environment. With that said the idea of Pets In Paradise came alive.


We love our animals and they love us. Pets in Paradise is redesigned to treat each of our furry friends like the family they are. No more using our animals as numbers in the corporate grooming world. No more dropping our pets off for the day in a cold, cluttered, dirty atmosphere. The scary noises of many dryers blowing at once, the stagnate air and the lack of love can’t be overlooked anymore. Its not the groomers fault, its just the nature of corporate business which shouldn’t include our animals.


Pets in Paradise
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